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Welcome to the Tenzone website.

This site is mostly based around Target Archery, and since the author is a Recurve archer, there's a bias that way too. But quite a bit of the material here applies well whatever style of archery you're into, so have a look 'round.

The main subjects fit the topics at right; just about everything here is behind one of those. Some of the material is in PDF format, for which you'll need the free Acrobat reader (below right).

Pretty obviously, this site is not exactly finished, and no site is completely comprehensive, so I won't take criticism (much) amiss. See the address below if you want to email me.


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Latest additions:
 October 2003: A friend kicked me and reminded me to update the 'about author' stuff. Not much of a change, but it does remind me that the site's been static for a long while. Any thoughts on what should be added, let me know via the guestbook!

21 April 2002. Some recent research on stretching in warmup suggests that static stretching may not be the best thing for archery warmups. A New Item link on the training page points to a comment on the topic, and it's linked under flexibility on the main training menu as well.

21 January 2002. It's been a while, but there's now some new material on stretches for archery on the training page (follow the 'flexibility links).
29 Sept: Training and Psych pages now have their own search facilities. Small tweaks to the 'what to train' page as well.
27 Sept 01: Rather dull, really, but the old Search engine provider pulled its free service, so there's now a NEW SEARCH FACILITY running. Rather a nicer one as well.
  9 August 01: Another two (important) shoulder/arm weight training exercises accessed from here.
30 July a couple more shoulder/arm exercises
23 July 2001. Two shoulder exercises using weights added to the training pages accessed from here.
18 July 2001. A few more exercises, just starting in on weight training. Among the training pages accessed from here. (follow 'what to train', muscle training tabs)
28 May 2001. The beginnings of some material on exercises for archery, starting with general body weight exercises, on the training pages (follow the muscle training menu items here).
25 March 2001. More new material on the training page ; Background stuff on where muscles are and what they do in archery. The anatomy bits could be handy for trainee coaches, and should also tell you a bit about what to train. Actual exercises for them to come in due course... I hope it's less than a month this time!

19 Feb 2001. The training page is finally under way, with some basic principles of fitness and training, plus some general fitness (cardio) pages. More to come soon..

12 December 2000: Finally got the new Confidence section sorted on the psych page! And if I'm not back before then, Happy Christmas out there, and best wishes for the next season!

21 Nov 2000: New page on Visualisation and mental rehearsal under the psych page, which is also updated.
10 Nov: More on handling distractions - see New items on the psych intro page.
5 Nov; (Sorry - I was away for a bit!) Concentration topic now well under way, including items on focussing (pretty complete, with a widget to watch) and a concentration game to play with. See the New items on the psych intro page to track them down.
16 Oct: Hey! A Search facility! Some days, I just love the web!
16 Oct: Psyching up, relaxation, anxiety control and arousal control (!?) now up to spec. in the psych corner.
14 Oct: New 'arousal control' pages building in the psych corner
10 Oct: Goal setting on the psych pages (Goals menu tab)
8 Oct: New Guestbook trial.
8 Oct: New psych skills pages: Check out the Relaxation tab for Developing relaxation skills; general relaxation, breathing and visualisation exercises.
3-8 Oct 00: 4 New pages under Anxiety control on the Psych pages. More in development, and links to further psych pages tba.
20 Sept 00 - Psych booklist (short list, essential reading!)
15 Sept 00 - Interactive 'Psych skills' self-assessment - see how you do..

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